Stefan Wierzbicki

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... Wierzbicki's art cannot and should not be evaluated by means of commonly applied figures or standards.
Even when it seems that one could trace his inspiration back to specific sources his works bear testimony to independent inner genesis, independent motivation for his choice and action and communicate distinctive meanings. Obviously, as a contemporary artist Wierzbicki cannot stay immune to modernity, but has to derive his inspiration from it, is forced to confront it daily. Within himself, however, he continues to tern back to his homeland, his only true source of inspiration. He is deeply rooted in it that he remains invulnerable to currents of raucous fashions and slogans; always true to himselfas shaped in the mould of his own past and that of his country. I belive that is how he secures what seems to be, besides its momentary relevance, of utmost importance to art., especially if viewed from a necessary distance: his authenticity.

Prof. dr Ksawery Piwocki, art. historian

... A good deal can be written about Stefan Wierzbicki.
We can mention the role of music and musical rhythm in the alteration of slim shapes, and about his preference for noble simplicity, his ability to use the natural qualities of material to achieve additional effects, which, in turn, are linked with the imagination and a gift for association and attest to his universality, adding portent to the visual message he conveys.
All those though true, are incomplete statements. What must be added is that Wierzbicki is an aesthete in the best meaning of the word. The beauty of his sculptures serves expression, carries emotion, paving their road to the public.

Jerzy Madeyski, art. historian, member of AIAP

... In Stefan Wierzbicki's sculptures we will find laws governing art. and modes of expression, regardless of time and place.
We will find the classical order and themes together with the twentieth century novelties. The art. focuses on sensual beauty laden with allegorical and symbolic meanings. The formal clarity of structure also characterised by charm, elegance, ornamental valour and plethora of motifs. The art. freed from the constraints of rules and challenging nature, the wisdom of order and moderation - the cast of self-imposed limitations. The explicit and disguised inspiration derived from music, the revealed beauty of the marble, granite, or sandstone, expressions extracted from trunks of trees: oak,linden, maple, acacia, pear and cherry place our "savouring of the material" of the presented works of art. in an aesthetic and temporal context.

Maria Lewańska, art. historian

... First of all, his sculptures are harmonious, beautiful.
Everything else: the content, subject matter, mood, texture, simply the form, is subject to that notion. Eternal tradition expressed through a modern and noble formula cast its spell on me.
Exceptionally talented, intellectually mature, susceptible to the subtle beauty of shapes and sound, Stefan Wierzbicki had his first individual exhibition in the cradle of European sculpture: in Italy. He immediately entered the arts main stream, and stayed there ever since.

Prof. Andrzej Ryszkiewicz, art historian
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